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How Much is The iPad? It’s Free Loopinsight has an interview with HP’s developer relations guy, Richard Kerris, where he basically says that WebOS is HP’s enterprise strategy, not their consumer play. He says: “We think there’s a better opportunity for us to go after the enterprise space and those consumers that use PCs,” said [...]

Clearly the Android Market is growing rapidly, and there’s no reason to even mention the Apple App Store, which just breezed by the 100,000 iPad app marker. But we can’t leave the little guys out, especially when their growth is also relatively impressive. Specifically, Microsoft’s Windows Phone Marketplace is reported to have passed 25,000 applications [...]

Zynga finally filed for its IPO today, and we now we get to take a look at its financials. At a high level, the company made nearly $600 million in revenues last year, and $90 million in profits. It grew at an incredible pace, with revenues growing 392 percent in 2010, up from $121.5 million [...]

Zynga has just filed its S-1 with the SEC, indicating that the company plans to go public. According to the filing, Zynga aims to raise as much as $1 billion, but this could be a place holder amount. Updating According to the filing Zynga has 60 million daily active users in 138 countries. 38,000 virtual [...]

For today’s giveaway, we are giving away one Xbox 360 4GB Console with Kinect and two tickets to our 6th annual summer party at August Capital. The Xbox 360 Console comes with the Kinect sensor, built in Wi-Fi, Xbox LIVE, the Kinect Adventures game and more. Tickets to our summer party at August Capital are [...]

Zynga just filed for its much-awaited $1 billion IPO and know we know how much founder Mark Pincus and the company’s investors own in the company. Zynga’s investors include Reid Hoffman, DST, Google, Tiger Global, Kevin Rose, Kleiner Perkins, Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Peter Thiel, Foundry Group and IVP. Pincus is the largest shareholder [...]

Back in March, we first exposed Disco, a group messaging app that the Slide team within Google had built. And that’s not all they’ve been working on. Say hello to Pool Party, another secret project by the same team within Google. We don’t know much about Pool Party other than it’s a photo-sharing app that [...]

Apparently, Facebook is gearing up to show off something “awesome” next week. At least, that’s what CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters while he was visting the Seattle Facebook offices yesterday. Reuters reports that whatever it is, it has been developed by the 40-person team based in Seattle. And they think it might be in the [...]

Online advertising is growing, and much of that growth is happening in display advertising. While search ads still make up 46 percent of the total over display’s 38 percent, display grew twice as fast as search in 2010. Many online businesses rely on advertising as a supplemental revenue stream in support of their business model [...]

As part of the new Google+ service came Huddle, a group texting app available to Android users. This makes mobile group collaboration easier, says Google. So far so good. Except… There’s already a five-year-old group collaboration startup called Huddle, which has to date raised $14.2m in venture capital and has office in San Francisco and [...]

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